Commercial Hood Cleaning? What’s That?

Are you in the restaurant business? If so, you should know the importance of keeping your cooking area as clean as possible. That applies not only to the flooring and kitchen appliances but also for the cleanliness of your exhaust system. In a space where cooking procedures take place on a daily basis, proper ventilation means a lot. But what do commercial hood cleaning professionals do?

When your kitchen’s exhaust system becomes contaminated with dirt, grease, and dust, a well-trained and experienced team of cleaners will arrive at your establishment to inspect and clean the entire hood system according to the food industry’s principles of cleanliness. The best way to ensure the perfect performance and your business’ success is to schedule regular duct cleaning appointments. That means removing all the accumulated dirt and debris with the most advanced tools and equipment with all the safety precautions taken. They will use special grease-dissolving cleaning solutions allowing swift and long-lasting cleanliness. Everything, from the hood and the mid-duct access panels to the rooftop exhaust fan, will be sparkling clean.

In addition, a team of scrupulous specialists will suggest monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually appointments to check the condition of your ductwork according to any construction, design, and maintenance regulations. You can also expect a report after each clean, containing detailed information about the work executed, and when the next appointment should be arranged.

Over time, your commercial kitchen’s walls and the floor will become contaminated with grease and dirt buildup that can easily lead to a hazardous fire. To avoid this kind of threat for your business’ success, you need to arrange a team of experts to carry out duct cleaning. Just remember, to provide your customers with fresh and healthy food, you should keep your commercial kitchen in tip-top condition.

With A.S.A.P. Hood Cleaning by your side, the commercial hood & exhaust cleaning process becomes a breeze. If your restaurant or other similar establishment is based in Boca Raton, FL, you can call us at (561) 200-3814 to get more information right away.